Washington State Community College Job Cuts

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Without warning, Washington State Community College cut seven jobs last week and made three others, part time.

School officials blame the budget and falling enrollment.

President Bradley Ebersole also points to a reduction in public funding, decline the high school population and reduced financial aid for students.

Predicting a 5% decline next year, they went ahead and cut back on supervisory positions that could be reassigned to others.

"So we tried to be very strategic about it. I'll tell you that it's not fun, it's painful and those people who were displaced were wonderful employees for the institution," said President Ebersole, Washington State Community College.

The college is also cutting back on certain programs, making way for new areas of study such as welding.

Ebersole says the students shouldn't see too much of a difference.

Their mission for student success is still strong, it's the faculty that will be more directly affected.

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