Washington County Sheriff's Office Receives Grant

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The Washington County Sheriff's Office has received $33,157 in traffic safety grants.

The Department of Public Safety's Office of Criminal Justice Services awarded the grant to the Sheriff's Office to better focus on traffic enforcement.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says will better ensure the community's safety and will help to bring in assistance throughout the year in major traffic areas.

"Because people transport drugs, you know, and sometimes and during the high visibility we run into those," explains Sheriff Mincks. "so we usually have major crimes people along who help us, assist the officers that are going."

Sheriff Mincks explains the purpose of this grant is to concentrate on but isn't limited to-- speeding, impaired drivers, seat belts, and traffic violations.

"We can use it for the holiday periods when there's a lot of cars out there, it's a high visibility type thing and it helps us tremendously with our overtime budget," says Sheriff Mincks.

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