Watching Out for Drug Activity

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All types of drug busts throughout Washington County, but how do you know when you call the police?

We're always telling you if you see anything suspicious to call local law enforcement.

It seems that everytime we turn around there is a drug bust, meth, heroin, pills and more.

Law enforcement says the reality is that the drugs are here and with the communities' help, keeping their eyes open, it's surprising how much everyone can help catch those involved.

One way is to watch what happens in your neighborhood.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says if there are lots of people coming in and out of a home and not staying for long periods of time, that's a red flag.

On the other hand if someone is sitting in a car for a while then someone joins them and leaves quickly, call the police.

Major Brian Schuck says the community tips are very helpful.

A big thing to watch out for are portable meth labs, including 2 liter bottles, batteries, acid and Sudafed.

Sometimes these materials can be in trash cans or in a yard, but you shouldn't touch it.

Marietta Police say they say also smell unusual odors coming from a house and sometimes people will cover their windows with black plastic trash bags.

Overall, if you notice any of these things, call your local law enforcement and they will come check it out.

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