Waterford Water Woes

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Waterford Township struggled without water for three days and no leak in sight, until they figured out the source.

"This was a tough one to find; it was in a very difficult location and we got lucky we found it when we did,” says Barry Stollar, Waterford Water & Sewer board member.

The break drained a 100,000 gallon water tank.

"From there, we've been hunting for a water leak -- finally one of the local neighbors found it coming out behind his house and going straight into the creek,” says Kevin Tornes, WWS water operator.

Ted Offenberger, owner of Waterford's Southeastern Dry Goods & Trading Post didn't see much of a difference professionally or personally.

"I don't believe my business was affected by the water break,” he says. “We didn't make our coffee today, we went to McDonald’s and got it."

A next-door neighbor provides H20.

"Beverly Water System and Beverly Fire Department they supplied us water and still will be supplying us more water 'til we get this fixed,” Stollar says.

Thousands of gallons of water were lost instantly and now Waterford is trying to recover from a watermain break.

"We lost probably 70 to 80,000 gallons a day is what we're losing on average,” Tornes says. “It kind of hurt the fair 'cause the day it was going on they cancelled Sunday night I guess. Other than that, everybody's just under a boil advisory until we get this thing fixed."

It takes a community to see this through.

"Two different water systems have helped us and a lot of other individuals,” Tornes says.

Waterford is working around the clock to resolve the issue and make sure the water is safe to drink and use. Make sure you boil the water until further notice.

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