Ways To Save On A Tight Budget

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Ever feel like your spending every last dime of your paycheck? It's a feeling that's pretty common. So common in fact, a new Bankrate.com survey says about 3 in 10 people don't have enough money saved up for those 'rainy days.'

Certified Public Accountant with Perry & Associates, Jeffrey DePuy, says savings are not something many feel they can afford but something almost everyone can have.

"From the tax returns that I do, I would say it's a very small percentage (have savings). Now, those who could have savings, in my opinion, are probably 90% of the people."

DePuy says saving money is all about budget and priority.

"That all goes back to budgeting. Where you pay yourself first then you spend what's left over," DePuy says. "Don't get yourself in the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle."

Local resident Rhonda Tabler says she's been saving since day one at her job.

"When I started working 35 years ago, I started saving," Tabler says. "So, its always been a part of my weekly or monthly budget. Its in my budget."

Jan Lassiter says she saves so she is able to spend time with loved ones.

"My rainy days happen to be sunny days because I use my savings to do fun things with my grand kids," Lessiter explains. "I live on my own income and social security and I don't dip in my savings except for fun things."