UPDATE: Athens Apologizes for Offensive Drill

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UPDATE 12/13/2013 12:10 PM

ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - Officials in Athens apologize for a scenario they used for an emergency-responder drill that offended some people.

The Athens County Emergency Management Agency and the Athens County Local Emergency Planning Committee issued an apology on Thursday for using a scenario involving a fake anti-fracking extremist group.

Activists protesting the hydraulic fracturing - or fracking - process of natural gas drilling have been vocal in and around Athens, home to Ohio University.

The action was taken after Roxanne Groff, a member of the Athens County Fracking Action Network, requested the apology from county commissioners.

The written mea culpa said "the scenario caused distress to people who have spent countless hours striving to protect the environment and our citizens."

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Staying prepared.

Athens County emergency officials spent the day Wednesday staging a weapons of mass destruction exercise at the Athens County Fairgrounds.

Working together, all the agencies from Athens City up to the state level practice so if something really were to happen they would be prepared and also know each other already.

In the practice crime scene Wednesday law enforcement responded to the call.

Recognizing a meth lab set up, they called in hazmat.

When hazmat recognized it was even more of a chemical situation they called in the state, weapons of mass destruction civil support team 52.

Working together each department went through the steps that they would if it was a real emergency.

The local emergency planning committee in Athens and the EMA were all there as well.

Officals say this went very well Wednesday.

In the drill it was ricin that the terrorist put on paper and money, which they were planning on sending out to the community.

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