Wendy's Scholarship

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It's a partnership bound to help a lot of people.

Wendy's and Washington State Community College have joined together on a new adoption scholarship.

"Every child deserves a chance to get an education and it's just so hard and it breaks my heart to see a kid not have a mom and dad to turn to," says Ray Blackburn, owner of 28 Wendy's across West Virginia, Ohio and Virginia.

They've known each other for years and for one local attorney, the Blackburn's latest undertaking is altruism in true form.

"The college is very happy to be partnering with Kim and Ray Blackburn and Wendy's on this particular project and we're real excited about it," says Gregg Emrick, with the WSCC Foundation Board.

Get a frosty and brighten the path of young adults exciting foster care who deserve an education.

"We are starting our Keytag program. Our Wendy's Frosty Keytag Program and we are selling those for $3.00 in our stores," Blackburn says. "This benefits the adoption scholarship program we just started with Washington State Community College."

There are endless college age kids without the means to attend.

"We have so many students who have needs to be able to fund their education," says Dr. Jeanette Hale, past president of the WSCC Foundation Board and a current member.

The power of an education can't be underestimated.

"Although the scholarship has some qualifications to it, a chance to advance their education with the help of a scholarship such as this will help them achieve their educational goals and hopefully their lifetime goals," Emrick says.

For those students welcomed into a family or with no parents to call their own, higher learning is within reach.

"People who've been adopted, people who've been in the foster care system can benefit from this scholarship and it has the potential to raise thousands of dollars," Hale says.

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