Wes Cowan Speaks Out On His Life Experience

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Marietta College had a special guest of their own as one PBS TV series star spoke out to students and the community.

Wes Cowan of the History Detectives and Antiques Roadshow addressed the crowd about his life experiences of antiquing and auctioning Wednesday evening.

He is the founder and owner of Cowan's Auctions Incorporated in Cincinnati and an expert in Historic Americana.

Cowan encourages students to take college seriously and take advantage of the opportunities their teachers are giving them in their respected field of study.

"I think it's important for students to see someone who's passionate about what they do and also to not be afraid to take risks as he mentioned he had a an established career as a professor at Ohio State and he took opportunities that came to him," says Marietta College Art Department Chair, Jolene Powell.

After Cowan spoke, everyone had the opportunity to ask him questions about his experiences on the two PBS shows.

He is also a frequent speaker at antique events around the country.

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