WesTest Grades Students Knowledge Of Curriculum

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It's time for students in Wood County to test what they've learned over the year.

"It gives kind of a snapshot of what they're learning, how well they're learning and how well they've acquired the knowledge of the content standards," says Jackson Middle School Counselor, Cathy Grewe.

It's WesTest time across the valley and teachers have prepared their students all year.

"We target skills, we target ideologies, we target testing strategies so they're a more natural part of our classroom rather than a special something we tie into when the test comes around," explains Jackson Middle School 8th Grade English Teacher, Barbara McCullough.

And big tests like this one can cause anxiety for some students, but at Jackson Middle School, the staff works to put their minds at ease.

"Some students become stressed out over the test and worry about the test, so we try to let our students know this isn't a stressful time," says Grewe.

When the results of the test come in late July, teachers will be able to adjust their lesson plans according to how their students did on the WesTest. "Those results do inform teachers and help them in the planning for their curriculum for the following year," Grewe adds.

And the test also gives students a look at how they're doing in school.

"It's an opportunity for them to see how well they are doing in certain subjects," says Grewe.

School officials say there's not much new this year as far as testing goes, but in 2014 students will begin to switch over from paper to computer testing.

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