West Virginia Attorney General Discusses Zohydro Concerns

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The controversy surrounding a recent decision by the F.D.A. continues.

It all has to do with the approval of the potent new painkiller, Zohydro. A number of states are questioning the F.D.A.'s move to allow the drug onto the market, including West Virginia.

After it became available in March, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey wrote a letter to the F.D.A. regarding his concerns.

The painkiller contains only hydrocodone and is said to be ten times stronger than Vicodin. Just two tablets could be enough for an adult to die of an overdose.

"In the upcoming weeks we're going to work with the board of pharmacy and the state licensing boards to really monitor this drug very closely because we're really worried about the potential. Just with two pills there could be some catastrophic effects", says Morrisey.

Morrisey also says they want to do what they can to prevent Zohydro from becoming another OxyContin.

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