West Virginia Attorney General Warns of Scam

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West Virginia's Attorney General is warning you about a potential new scam.

This one doesn't target you over the phone.

Instead the attorney general's office says scammers are going door-to-door, selling phony magazine subscriptions.

Callers who say they were targetted say teens and young adults are going to homes, asking people to buy a subscription.

They say they're selling magazines to help pay for school.

In response to complaints, the attorney general has tips on how you can protect yourself.

"Don't let strangers into your home. A lot of times people use the possibility of a sale to get into your house," He says. "Second, know about your product of service before you buy it. And finally, make sure that you get a written contract so you know all of your rights under the law."

If you were a target of this potential scam, or you see anything suspicious call the consumer protection division.

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