UPDATE: Azinger, Deem, Kelly Frontrunners in 10th District House of Delegates Race

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UPDATE 5/13/2014 10:50 PM

Mike Azinger, Frank Deem and John Kelly emerge as the top three winners in the 10th district House of Delegates race.

John Kelly squeezed into the top three in a crowded field of six Republicans.

Kelly joins Azinger and Deem as the Republican nominees for November's general election.

They'll be running against each other and two Democrats, including incumbent delegate Dan Poling and Paul Miller.

That makes five candidates in a race for three seats in Charleston, including three Republicans and two Democrats.

Following Tuesday night's results, Kelly likes his chances, saying in this race, third place is just as good as first.

"It was a good clean campaign and everybody seemed to work for everybody else and I was happy with that and I'm proud of all those people for running the race they ran," he says.

Kelly says the number one issue facing West Virginians in district 10 is creating more "quality" jobs.

He says he'll work toward that, if he's elected

Those three men will campaign against each other and the two Democrats all in a race for just three seats on the floor in Charleston.

It's a crowded Republican field for the House of Delegates.

Six candidates are on the district 10 ticket Tuesday night.

Frank Deem served a number of tenures as state senator and delegate, dating back to the '50's.

There's also Mike Azinger, he's the son of delegate Tom Azinger.

The 78-year-old is not running for re-election and neither is his counterpart, John Ellem.

The top-half of the ticket will advance to November's general election.

Those three will run against two democrats, incumbent Daniel Poling and Paul Miller.

Looking ahead to November, we'll have five candidates, including three Republicans and two Democrats in a race for three seats in Charleston.

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