West Virginia Ranks Low In Healthy States Report

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New studies show West Virginia is among the top five unhealthiest states in the US.

"The fact is that we have a lot of habits as West Virginians near the bottom for our health statistics," says MOV Health Department Director, Dick Wittberg.

Those habits put the state at the bottom of the list for America's Healthiest States. West Virginia ranks 47th. That's four spots lower than in 2011.

"if you look at how the rankings came out the way they did, smoking is one of the big contributors to that as much as obesity is and inactivity is, and these are all part of lifestyles that have big impacts on your health."

The report breaks down different aspects that make a state healthy. Smoking, obesity, and Diabetes all rank high.

"The more obese you are and less active you are, the higher your blood pressure will be and the higher risk you have for heart disease and many other chronic diseases."

There are some highlights, though. West Virginia shows strength in a few categories including low amounts of binge drinking and infectious disease.

"We are much better at getting our cholesterol checked. It doesn't mean we are a state with low cholesterol, but we at least get our cholesterol checked."

Ohio ranks 35 on the list. For more on this study, click on the hot button.

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