West Virginia Rural Water Association Training Class

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Dozens of water employees come together Monday in Vienna to learn more about keeping themselves and the public safe.

The West Virginia Rural Water Association hosted more than 40-waste water and public water workers from across the state for a continuing education class.

The group met at Vienna City Council.

Employees listened to presentations, answered questionnaires and took notes.

City officials say bringing workers together is an important part of learning more about water safety.

"Anytime you get education or continued education in the water department it keeps guys up on different standards, different qualities of water, what they're required to do. It keeps the public water system safe," said Craig Metz, director of public works, Vienna.

Metz says the class also has a positive economic impact, bringing dozens of people to the city.

The West Virginia Rural Water Association launched in 1985 to provide assistance and train the state's small water systems.