"Whale" Of A Project

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They couldn't get one from Sea World...so Edison Middle School eighth graders wanting to get an idea what a real whale looked like decided on the next best thing.

They made an inflatable one, right in the school's own gymnasium.

It took a lot of materials, including plastic, tape...and, of course, air...for the 30 youngsters to put it together.

"We had one container of black and one container of white," said Devon Kidd, "and we had to tape it all together, and measure it."

"There's a fan in the back that's blowing normal air into it, and blows it up," noted Logan Lamp. "It's not going to blow away, like helium, but it's just stable."

The life-like model includes an entrance, allowing the kids to stand inside it.

They'd like to give it to a museum, in the hopes others can get an idea of just how big a whale is.

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