What Happens When Someone Is Convicted Of A Sexual Offense?

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A seventy five year-old Athens man is facing charges of raping a child under the age of thirteen.

Thomas Shifflet is currently awaiting his trail, but what happens when someone is convicted of a sexual offense?

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks explains, "they have to register with us and that is after they have already done their time. If they've been sentenced to some length of time in a prison, they serve their time and then they come out and they are required to report to us."

A picture, physical description, and address are then listed on a website like Washington County Sheriff's Office.org

"The public should be aware of where these people are located."

On the Washington County Sheriff's Website, sex offender list, I typed in the address "1 Front Street, Marietta, OH.," and within a two mile radius over twelve sexual offenders are listed.

"Let's say for example, the sex offender was living there and you moved in to a spot. Well you would not have any idea who your neighbors are. Well that is where our website helps out."

The sheriff's office also provides a notification to neighbors within a one mile radius when a sexual predator moves in, and many other steps are taken to ensure the safety of nearby residents.

"We do a lot of checks that unannounced. Part of our people in our security and transportation division, if they're not on a transport or something. They will go out and actually check the residence of a sex predator to see if they are there."

Sheriff Larry Mincks also has some advice to ensure that something like what happened in Athens county, doesn't happen here.

"Any individual that's involved with youth activities and you have people that are volunteering, I think it would be good to do a little bit of checking as to who they are and why they are."

Keeping our children and our neighborhood's safe.

Click on the hot button for a link to see the sexual predators in your area.

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