What's Next, WV?

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What's next for West Virginia's economy?

A key question in a state with an economy linked to coal.

It's also a statewide initiative, aimed at openly discussing the state's economic future.

Public meetings are already planned for several cities in the state.

A local supporter doesn't want the Parkersburg area to be left out.

She asked the Wood County Commission to help organize a talk here.

"As people are fanning out and using this all over the state, they're customizing it with their county information. That there's going to be a what's next Buchannon, and a what's next Fairmont, and a what's next Huntington. They're going to do an insert about how their economies have changed over the last 50 years," says Jean Ambrose, a local supporter of What's Next WV.

As an example of the changes during the past half-century, Ambrose noted 50 years ago, West Virginia's largest employer was Weirton Steel.

Now, it's Walmart.

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