What's In Bath Salts

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Hallucinations....extreme paranoia....and even death from the effects of bath salts.

We took a look at what makes these drugs so harmful.

I spoke to a Washington County Sheriff's Office Undercover Agent who has extensive experience with the drugs.

Because he is undercover we cannot show his face, but he describes the ingredients in bath salts.

"Bath salts is essentially made up of mdpv which are the synthetic chemicals that make it up"

The most popular type of bath salts?

They include similar substances contained in a powerful home cleaning product.

"Stain remover...called Mystic. That's supposed to be the big seller that they're selling."

"They don't instruct you on how to use it. It's being sold as incense if you read on the package it tells you to put it into a half ounce of a cup of water and heat it and it will set off like an aroma."

And all the harmful substances combined in these drugs makes for a dangerous mix when consuming them.

"It's causing people to hallucinate...extreme paranoia. It's caused suicides. there's numerous people in the hospital right now."

Officials are hoping to get these street drugs....off the streets for good.

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