When The Temperatures Go Up, Does Crime Go Up As Well?

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No question: the weather this week is the warmest it's been in months.
But is that the reason behind the recent crime spike in Parkersburg?

Parkersburg police say there is, at times, an increase in crime when the temperatures get uncomfortably warm. But they don't believe that's the reason things have been so busy this week.

"They're pretty much fair weather criminals, and they don't like to be out in the cold, so we expect an increase in thefts and vehicle entries," says Sgt. Greg Collins. 'Some of the crimes we've had this week aren't necessarily related to the weather. It's just coming in trends, and we've hit a spike this week."

Sgt. Collins says there often is an increase in accidents when the weather improves.

Another reason to drive carefully when you're out on the roads this week.

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