When The Water Rises...

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The Ohio River and its smaller counterparts currently remain well below flood stage. But they aren't the only places where high water can suddenly show up. it was just a month ago when the latest high water problem happened on college parkway, between Parkersburg and Vienna.

"The poor drainage areas and the problem areas in the city and in the county," says Aaron Fleenor, Wood County 911 Dispatcher. "We routinely get calls during heavy downpours like that. They call in and let us know the water is backing up."

Wood County's 911 center can get a flood of its own-a flood of calls from residents seeing water in their yards, at their doorsteps and occasionally, in their homes.

You don't have to be in a remote area of the county to be flood prone. Worthington Creek is just a couple of miles outside the city of Parkersburg. It's an area that gets high water any time there's a heavy rainfall.

"Gihon Road along Neale Run, the Pond Run area-just any creek that flows into the Ohio River," says Ed Hupp, Director, Wood County Emergency Services.

"If you know there's a downpour where those areas are," Fleenor says, "just try to avoid them, to keep yourself out of trouble."

And while not as many people live in Happy Valley as were there before the 2004 and 2005 floods, Hupp says that remains an area to watch during high water emergencies.