25 Years Later

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Across the country people are remembering this day 25 years ago when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. All seven astronauts on board died that day.

One of those astronauts, was Akron native Judith Resnik, the second
American woman in space, according to the Associated Press. Also on board was New Hampshire teacher Christa McAuliffe.

An area resident remembers watching the tragedy on TV at Barlow-Vincent Elementary.

"It was the first year we got channel one televisions in our school systems and we were sitting down watching the shuttle launch, the whole entire school was. It was scary just to be sitting there watching it live there on TV and then just all of a sudden it was gone," said Robert Deggendorf.

David Tefft said "I was actually walking into a customer's business down there (in Charleston, W.Va.), a lawyers office, and they had turned the television on and the girl turned around and she had this completely horrified look on her face and she started crying. I said what's wrong and she said the space shuttle just blew up."

One of the finalists to be the teacher aboard this flight was a former Parkersburg school teacher, Niki Wenger.

She was at the launch in Florida.

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