Reaction to Vice-Presidential Debate

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Updated 10/12/2012 7:00 P.M.

The day after the vice-presidential debate, local party chairmen were asked for their thoughts.

And depending on which side they were on, they either praised or criticized the performance of Democratic Vice-President Joe Biden and Republican running mate Paul Ryan.

They also didn't agree whether it will have any effect on the polls, which tightened up after the debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

" I think sometimes, a lot of VP debates get lost in the shuffle," said Wood County Republican Party Chairman Greg Smith. "I hope that doesn't happen with this one. I think the fact that the vice-president did such a terrible job, I think it's going to help the Republicans out in the polls."

"Not significant," countered county Democratic chairman Harold Brown. "It seemed like the consensus was, it was a draw. What people think about something like that, does tend to be reflected in the polls."

The next debate between the presidential candidates is next week.


There is no mistaking who Gerald Thompson is for in the presidential race. And he was very enthusiastic about the performance of Mitt Romney in Wednesday night's debate.

"I thought he did real well. He stood up and answered the questions fine. He had good eye contact with Obama, he didn't back down."

But whether they were Democrat or Republican-leaning, or independent, handicappers generally agreed Romney won the first of three debates with President Obama. Wednesday night's faceoff was over domestic issues.

Even an undecided voter we spoke to was impressed by Romney's showing. Not impressed enough, however, to support him.

"I think the debates are important to all Americans, so we can get a clearer picture of who our leader might be," said David Harness. "I still want to wait for future debates, but I was impressed with Governor Romney."

A lot of people we spoke to didn't see the televised debate. But one, who spoke to us off camera, said she was disappointed with the president's debate performance.