UPDATE: Nick Null Foundation Thanks Parkersburg Elks Lodge

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UPDATE 11/12/2013 11:00 AM

The Nick Null Foundation says thank you to the Parkersburg Elks Lodge with a special ceremony and award presentation.

Tracy and Alan Litman - mother and step-father of fallen soldier and Parkersburg native Nick Null - presented the Elks with a special plaque thanking them for their support over the years in helping to create the Fallen Soldiers Memorial at City Park in Nick's honor.

The Litmans hope to add benches to the Fallen Soldiers Memorial and are accepting donations.

If you would like to contribute contact the Elks Lodge or the Nick Null Foundation.
A Kansas woman comes to Wood County to receive a special honor in connection to one local war hero's death.

Mary Nichols was presented the "Medal of Valor" from the Parkersburg Elks Club Monday afternoon at the Nick Null Memorial site at City Park.

Nichols is the widow of Army Chief Warrant Officer Bryan Nichols, a pilot who along with Null and 28 other Americans died when their helicopter was shot down two years ago in Afghanistan.

It was the single deadliest loss since the war began in 2001.

Monday's presentation brought Nichols to the Null Memorial for the first time, a moment she'll never forget.

"I'm so proud. I'm so proud of my husband. And I can't imagine the pride that he feels as well. I'm just very honored, very, very honored," she said.

Nichols was joined at the memorial site by Tracy Null, Nick's mother.

The Elks organization has awarded the Medal of Valor to families of fallen soldiers around the country since 2004 - supporting their cause of never forgetting veterans.

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