Williamstown Elementary Teacher Cleared

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Update 10/31/12:

Case closed.
Wood County Magistrate Robin Waters threw out the case against a Williamstown cheerleading coach.
Sasha Banfield was charged after picking up her daughter and another girl from a loud party.
A Wood County deputy later arrested her on school property during cheerleading practice, accusing her of lying about being the mother of the other girl.
The magistrate found no evidence of that and threw out all the charges.
For more background see the original story posted below.

A loud party followed by a trip to pick-up her daughter lands a Williamstown teacher and cheerleading coach in court.

Sasha Banfield faces charges of obstructing, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and accessory after the fact.
The complaint says Wood County Sheriff's deputies responded to a loud party near Lake Washington Club Drive. Several kids ran when deputies arrived, but were later pulled over while leaving the party.

The complaint basically accuses Banfield of saying she was also the mother of another child there.
Her lawyer, Bill Merriman disputes that, telling WTAP News she only said, "You girls are going to be grounded.", not that she was another girl's mom.

The district is aware of the case.
She was arrested after school Tuesday, on school property, but was back coaching the cheerleaders Wednesday.

There was no alcohol found at the party, and it wasn't at Banfield's home.
Banfield was just going to pick up her daughter.

Merriman filed a motion to dismiss the case based on a lack of evidence and no probable cause to stop cars leaving the party. Banfield posted a three-thousand dollar bond in Wood County Magistrate Court.

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