Williamstown Girl Reacts to Carnival Ride Scare

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Friday at City Park, a 12-year-old Williamstown girl was rescued some 50-feet above the ground after the ride began before the operator was able to secure her door and lap-bar.

The family says when Molly Hasley got on the ride, other children in line were fooling around and one of them hit the ride's brake, shooting the 12-year-old high above City Park.

She says she was scared for her life.

""I could hear my dad and everybody hollering down at me and everything. And I was up there of course, screaming, one of those panic moments," said Hasley.

The carnival company says horseplay will always be common at amusement events.

Molly's family just hopes there's enough supervision next time so a little fooling around doesn't put another child in-danger.

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