Williamstown Sewer Line Issue

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The problem seems to date back several years and a challenger made it an issue in the mayor's race.

A personal problem versus a political problem.

Williamstown Mayor Jean Ford would not discuss the issue on camera but she accused challenger Loren Cullum of using it to get votes.

But Cullum says it's part of a problem with sewer lines in the Central Avenue area, which is where both his business and the American Legion Hall are located.

Cullum says over the weekend, a sewage backup at the Legion Hall happened while the Legion was preparing for a Mother's Day party.

He says when the city didn't show up to address the problem, he fixed the line himself.

"For the last nine years, they've tried to get it repaired, and nothing has been done other than a clean out. It needed all new line because the line had collapsed, and it just couldn't handle that many people," he says. "Now, it's a full, open line where nothing can block it now."

Cullum says city police showed up Sunday morning to cite and possibly arrest him.

Neither happened.

The Legion's event went on as planned.

Mayor Ford did tell us there was concern because of the sewer line's apparent proximity to a high-pressure gas line.

She says she was made aware of the situation Sunday, but says she had nothing to do with the police being called there.

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