Williamstown Student Surprised With West Point Acceptance

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One Williamstown High School student sitting in his English class when he got the surprise of a lifetime.

Colton Kiselica was greeted by his parents, school administrators, and West Virginia Congressman David McKinley.

Congressman McKinley presented Colton with his acceptance to West Point Military Academy.

"I'm ecstatic to find out I got in, it's been years of hard work and dedication to try and just even compete for admission. To be accepted really is a unique honor," explains Colton.

Handing Colton his acceptance, Congressman McKinley spoke saying Colton should feel honored and if he accepts could walk to halls where so many of the greats once walked.

"It's been something I've dreamed of since I was a child," says Colton. "The military has always been a strong influence in my family, it's been something that's been respected and it's really just been my dream to attend."

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