Winter Car Sales

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Severe weather isn't bad news for all area businesses this winter.

Sure, seeing your dream car buried under nearly a foot of snow might cause a deal to fall through.

But managament at one used car lot says sales are actually up!

Marion Tennant Pre-Owned Autos says they sold 10 more cars this January compared to last.

Winter is generally the slowest time of the year for car sales, but employees say cold weather does have a positive effect - it tends to weed out the "window shoppers".

"The good thing is, the people who do come out to look, they're real shoppers. They're ready to buy. They're not out here just to test drive things," says James Carrodus, a manager at the car lot.

People spending tax refunds on cars also help.

He says a nice payback from Uncle Sam makes more people want to buy a car.

That's why he expects this month's sales to be even better than January.

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