Winter Injuries

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We've endured weeks of bitter cold temperatures, snow and ice - a perfect recipe for winter-related injuries.

Dr. Anthony Kitchen, director of emergency medicine at Camden Clark Medical Center says the injuries are more serious in nature.

In the past week alone, he's seen numerous people who've slipped on the ice and struck the back of their heads, including one who suffered a skull fracture.

Snow blowers present another set of problems.

"Many times ice will jam up the snow blower and the blades that turn. By manually removing that piece of ice, if your snow blower doesn't have an automatic catch on it, then your hands suffer injuries from it and we've had digits cut off," he says.

Kitchen also sees the classic snow shoveling symptoms.

Older people with cardiac history will shovel and the activity can cause shortness of breath and heart problems because it's one of the most strenuous things you can do.

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