Winter Weather Springs On The Valley

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With all of this unexpected wintry weather mix, many stores are rushing to push aside the spring items and bring back some winter necessities.

At Lowe's on Parkersburgs south side, store managers say they're swapping spring inventory and making room for more winter gear.

The store still carries items that may be useful in the chance of a rare winter storm like we're experiencing now, and with it predicted to last a few days, these items should prove very useful even during spring.

"Just making sure we're in the preparedness mode and getting traction aide so the ice melts for sidewalks and driveways, also incorporating and making sure the snow shovels are back out in case we need those and supplemental heat, in case heat is needed," says Lowe's Assistant Manager, Bill Edwards.

Lowe's also still has plenty of winter gloves available as well. Experts also recommend to cover and protect any plants that may be in spring bloom.

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