Wirt County Emergency Services Director Dismissed

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The director of Wirt County's office of emergency services has been fired, effective immediately.

County Commission President Bob Gunnoe confirmed the termination of Edwin "Bo" Wriston, but would not say why.

In Gunnoe's words: it was "something we had to do".

Gunnoe said the commission plans to find a new director, but no search has begun yet.

Wriston served in the post for three years, according to Gunnoe.

Wriston said on the office's Facebook page that while Wirt County "is still miles ahead of where it was, there is still critical infrastructure, preparedness and response capability to build and nurture".

He said in his post he has offered to help the commission in its search for a new director.

Wriston would not comment on his dismissal when contacted by WTAP, except to say he was surprised and saddened by the commission's decision.

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