Wirt County OES Public Meeting

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The Wirt County Office of Emergency Services is asking for community help.

They're looking for ways to improve storm response for other disasters whether it be another powerful derecho or snow storm.

Many spoke up about how long they were without power and their aggravation with the power companies.

Another big issue, the lack of communication.

Ffficials say they're already working on a plan for future disasters including the possibility of a low power FM or AM radio station.

Another big concern is getting supplies to those in need. People had to travel 10 or 20 miles to Elizabeth after the storm hit and gas was scarce. Leaving many without relief.

"To establish 10 distribution points within Wood County based on community centers so that folks have more localized access to goods and resources that we get in from the state and FEMA," says Wirt County Office of Emergency Services Director Bo Wriston.

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