Woman Claims to be DEA Agent in Phone Scam

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Phone scams are reaching a disturbing regularity and the latest victims in Washington County say they were called by someone pretending to be a federal agent.

A Marietta couple says Monday afternoon they had a voicemail from a woman claiming to be Lieutenant Lynn Taylor.

In the voicemail the woman says she is a Drug Enforcement Administration agent out of California and she has search and arrest warrants for the victims.

The couple then called the Washington County Sheriff's Office who says this was a phone scam, trying to get the victims to clear their names by paying a large sum to a bank in the Dominican Republic.

"This is Lieutenant Lynn Taylor. I'm calling from the DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration, in reference to a package you requested in the past in an illegal way. I have a search warrant for your home, an arrest warrant for yourself, I need you to return my call immediately," says the scam.

Local law authorities have contacted Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine and notified him of the scam as well as the DEA in Los Angeles.