Woman's Tires Stolen in St. Joseph's Hospital Parking Garage

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After a long day at work one Camden Clark nurse went to get in her car Wednesday, she turned it on, tried to move it, only to get out and realize two of her tires were missing and her car was up on blocks.

Alison Zucker says she was in shock.

Her friends and family helped her put spare tires on the car because the tow truck could not fit into the garage.

She says the St. Joseph's Campus garage does not have security cameras.

Parkersburg Police say this particular garage is off the side of the general flow of traffic and officers have to go out of their way daily to patrol it.

"I'm kinda scared to leave my car there now and yeah, I would never have thought that would happen to me in Parkersburg, I mean you hear about this happening in New York or big cities, but not Parkersburg," Zucker says.

"We have had some times where some tires have been stolen off cars yes, this, this is a little bit more embarrassing because you hate to think someone would have that kind of time, to get the tires removed from car and put it up on blocks," says Parkersburg Police Sgt. Greg Collins.

Zucker says Camden Clark security and her co-workers were very helpful and supportive.

Parkersburg Police are investigating.

The security department at the hospital says they are not able to comment on the situation.

Calls to the marketing department have not been returned.

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