Wood County Christian Students Help in Community

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Updated: 5/12/2015 5:25 P.M.

They were not in class Tuesday. But that doesn't mean they got a day off.

Students from Wood County Christian School spent the day working on projects ranging from making gift bags for the Latrobe Street Mission to doing individual projects at the homes of widows.

They were sprucing up Parkersburg City Park for Saturday's Relay for Life.

"We are out here to help people who have need in the community, getting ready for the different events in the community, such as the Relay for Life," says 6th Grade Teacher Kevin Kratzer. "I think the kids take a lot away from this. I think it's more blessed to give than receive."

"Helping Others Day" began in Wood County 15 years ago.

Students from all of the school's eleven grades took part.

One group also traveled to Pleasants County, to work in its Memorial Park.


Some of the youngest members of our community are learning to give back, making their parents and teachers proud.

Students at Wood County Christian School dedicated Monday to serving others.

Kindergarten through 12th grade students were scattered across town helping out.

Second graders were at Jackson Park in Vienna.

They cleaned up picnic shelters, scrubbing tables and picking up garbage.

Teachers say the children have just as much fun working at the park as they do playing.

While the second graders were at Jackson Park, seventh grade was at Eagle Point Nursing Home.

Students also picked up trash and they filled bird feeders.

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