Wood County Commission Supports Fight to Make Pseudoephedrine Rx Only

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The Wood County Commission joined Delegate Tom Azinger's fight against meth.

The commission passed a resolution supporting the Wood County Republican's bill requiring people to have a prescription to buy pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is a key ingredient in making meth.

“Meth is overtaking rural West Virginia and also in the cities,” Azinger says.

The goal is to get the drug off the streets, but an area pharmacist questions whether forcing people to have a prescription is the right thing to do.

"I’m not sure that just making it a prescription is going to be the solution in this case,” says Daniel Bond, owner and pharmacist of Bond’s Drug in Vienna. “I have fears that people will still be able to get prescription Sudafed, then maybe have a larger quantity available to them than what they could buy over the counter."

Commission member Dr. Wayne Dunn supports Azinger's bill.

"We believe it's better for the public good to let pseudoephedrine be merely a prescription item," Dunn says.

Azinger says 50,000 boxes of pseudoephedrine were sold in Charleston alone.

"If you analyze that it's more than one for every two people in Kanawha County, which is more than could possibly be used for legitimate purposes,” he says.

Still, Bond isn't sure it'll solve the problem.

"A patient could get a prescription for maybe 90 tablets of pseudoephedrine from their doctor, it could potentially end up in someone else's hands, which could potentially be a problem,” the pharmacist says.

The bad guys are gonna do what they want to do to try to get the drug, and unfortunately, Bond feels they would go to great lengths.

“It comes down to basically the doctor's discretion whether he's gonna write the prescription," he says.

Azinger admits if passed, the requirement could inconvenience some.

"Stop signs are inconvenient, red lights are inconvenient, when I drive to Charleston for meetings at the 70 mile an hour speed limit, it's inconvenient; but there's some things you have to do for the good of society,” he says.

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