Wood County Commission Talks Parking

Parking and parking lots.

A lot of talk about both Thursday morning by the Wood County Commission.

The commission is looking at ways to ensure parking spaces are available for county employees in the Justice Center lot.

Some of those spaces are often used by Public Debt employees.

Prosecutor Jason Wharton is being asked to look into the problem.

"We will always have issues with people wanting to park where they shouldn't," says Commissioner Blair Couch.

"If they do it on rare occasions, OK. But if they do it regularly, then something has to be done," says Commission President Wayne Dunn.

The commission also hasn't come to a final decision on the site of the recently-demolished Wood County Jail.

Parkersburg Mayor Bob Newell has suggested it be available for people wanting to exercise their dogs.

Commission President Wayne Dunn likes that idea, but isn't certain the old jail site is a good location for it.

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