Wood County Commission to Charge for Meeting Space

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Wood County Commissioners say no more free meetings for large groups.

The commission unanimously passed a motion Monday charging groups of 50 or 60 people using meeting rooms at some area hotels and also park shelters.

Fees will start with reservations made after the first of July.

Commissioners say the rates will go toward maintaining the meeting rooms and the parks.

"Other government agencies are charging. We're one of the very few that charges nothing," says Commissioner Wayne Dunn. "They charge because they have fees they have to offset too. And we've been absorbing those fees. We need to change that."

Commissioner Dunn says a tightening budget created a need for the new fees.

Fort Boreman Park is also included on the list.

Reserving the park's shelters this summer will run your group $100 for the day, or $15 an hour.

The commission will review the new fee structures at the start of next year.

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