Wood County Energy Study

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Are we wasting energy?

It's an old question some students at West Virginia University at Parkersburg are working to validate.

They're surveying area homes to determine how well homeowners are doing using energy.

Their most recent visit was to the Willowbrook subdivision, where homes were built during the 1960's.

"We found a lot of people bought windows, which is not the best investment you can make," student Randy Thompson told the Wood County Commission. "You get more return if you get basic air sealing."

"74% did not know what basic weatherization was, or they did not have insulation blankets on their hot water tanks," said student Nathan Moore. "So the energy they're using to heat their home, a lot of it is leaking out."

The Wood County Commission got grants to help pay half of the costs of the survey.

WVU-P is trying to help educate homeowners what they need to improve to make sure they're spending their energy dollar wisely.

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