Wood County Fallen Firefighters Remembrance

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Firefighters from several local departments joined for a small ceremony Monday night to honor their fellow servicemen.

Lieutenant Kevin Siers say this year was different because he personally knew each firefighter that passed away.

A wreath in Bicentennial Park stands in remembrance for Randy Uppole of Deerwalk, Chief Virgil Flynn of Lubeck, Chief Danny Goodwin of Vienna, and Joe Ruf of Williamstown.

Lieutenant Siers says this ceremony always stands as a reminder that things can change in an instant, but makes them proud to serve.

"You know I don't say it to sound arrogant, but it is nice to have a pat on the back occasionally. Because each one of those folks that you saw standing there, they lay their life down to rescue people from car wreck, house fires, even property. So their lives are on the line for the citizens of the county," says Siers.

He adds, "Each time I do one of these ceremonies I try to bring the same message. You know if you've got something that you need to say to someone do it that day. Do it right then. If you need to go back and give your wife, or husband, or kid a hug and a kiss before you go out that day don't put it off. Because you never know what the day's going to bring."

Captain Tim Flynn with the Parkersburg Fire Department placed the wreath in honor of his father.

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