Wood County Fire School

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To help save someone's life in an emergency situation, you got to have the proper training.

That was the case for many firefighters from across the valley as they attended the Wood County Fire School.

"It happens every year in September. It's open to any firefighter in the surrounding states and counties and they come here for two days of continuing education, hands on training," says Wood County Fire School Chairman, Mark Stewart.

During their time at school, firefighters are getting real life scenarios through several sessions out on the field.

"Basically what we're doing here is teaching life saving skills for a down firefighter that may become trapped, lost or disoriented in a entanglement situation," added Wood County Fire School Instructor, Danny DeMoss.

"The class I'm teaching basically is called a rescue scenario. What we do is take the firefighters out and set up scenarios and they face a type of a realistic scenario that they can encounter in everyday rescue or firefighter activities," replied Regional Educational Services Administration (RESA) Fire Services Instructor, Lonny Riggs.

Firefighters participating in the Wood County Fire School are more than happy to be a part of an experience that can help save one life at a time.

"The way I see it, there the only chances you get to be able to be a part of something like this and these guys at RESA, they're real happy to take time out of their schedule and to make us better when that call actually does come in, you know what you're ready for, you know what to encounter," Danville Volunteer Firefighter, Josh Stowers said.

"Having everybody come out together and meeting everybody from different departments is kind of a good thing. Not everybody gets together all the time to get to train like this for different scenarios,"' says Vienna Fire Department Firefighter, Kody Schiller.

Fire crews also got to listen in on retired Phoenix, Arizona Fire Chief, Alan Brunacini about leadership and customer service.

The Instructors at the fire school doesn't mind teaching firefighters of become a saving grace in their own community.

"It's very rewarding actually. Working with these individuals here today, any individuals we actually work together as well as a community and other area departments," added DeMoss.

Parkersburg, Pennsboro and Barboursville were among the fire departments participating at the Wood County Fire School this year.

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