Wood County Grand Jury Indictments

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The Wood County Grand Jury indicted a number of people on drug charges and two people for sex crimes.

Willis Starcher of Washington, West Virginia has been charged with eight counts of first degree sexual abuse and eight counts of sexual abuse by a custodian for incidents that happened between 2006 and 2012.

John Lee Cramlet, of Parkersburg, has been charged with four counts of first degree sexual assault and of sexual abuse by a custodian, plus attempted first degree sexual abuse and by a custodian.

Those incidents happened between July of 2009 and August of 2010
and a man profiled back in June on the Mid-Ohio Valley's Most Wanted has been indicted on two counts of first degree robbery and one count of malicious assault.

Matthew Lucas is accused of shoving a man into a fence, then demanding money from him.

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