Wood County School Board Approves Construction Firm For The Stadium Field Renovation

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The Wood County School Board has approved Mondo Building and Excavation to be a part of the renovation project for Stadium Field at PHS Friday evening.

The Marietta based construction firm had the lowest based bid of over $200,000.

They were awarded more than $215,000 by the school board to protect the track and test for asbestos and lead.

The school board wanted a firm who will put safety first at all cost and who was qualified for the renovation project.

"We're very excited about the project. We did a lot of thought process into it. Safety is the utmost priority, they don't mind we do pay prevailing wage. We will give you a good product, we will meet the schedule," says Mondo Building and Excavation Administrator Project Coordinator, Mark Guiler.

The school board says they expect the project to be completed around the first week of September.