Reinstilling a Sense of Safety and Security

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Wood County Schools Superintendent Dr. Patrick Law sends out a letter to every parent and student reassuring them of the efforts to make and keep every school secure. The letter explains current and future plans for safety, throughout the county.

Shielding students from media and talk about the tragedy isn't possible. Now it's about giving the students a sense of security in their own school.

"The students in the building today have been very sensitive to what's been going on. We started our day with a moment of silence and we talked about that. But getting them back to a routine and making sure we're following the same pattern within our school," explains Neale Elementary Principal Mike Fling.

His first concern is safety and security of the students in his school. "We are not doing a lot of things differently, first of all because we were consistent with it before. We have access control."

To even enter Neale Elementary, and schools throughout the county, visitors must push the intercom and wait to be seen on camera, once in the building visitors must show photo i.d. and tell their purpose for being there.

But it's not just about safety, it's about peace of mind for schools, students, and parents.

Neale School teachers came in with a plan. Principal Fling communicated through email to be sure every teacher was on the same page answering student's questions.

"It's been a mixed bag today. We've had some classes, as I've walked around today that have had questions, others there hasn't been a word so I think, just not to over work the subject."

He says teachers were able to answer what they could, but tried to put a learning spin on it for the students.

"We approached it as a need to know basis. If students were asking questions then we answered as much as we could, we don't have information from Connecticut obviously so we're not answering those type of questions, we're really turning that into, what would we do in our building, how could we practice to make sure, if something like that would happen here, heaven for bid, what we would do in that case."

Wood County schools says over all, the county was at a normal attendance for the day.

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