Wood County Students Return to Classroom

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It's hard to believe summer is over, and back to school season is already here.

Wood County Schools returned to the classroom Monday for their first day back.

The halls were full of energy Monday as students reunited with their classmates.

Parkersburg South and Jefferson Elementary School had a great first day.

We took a visit and talked to the principals about how the first day went.

"This I thought was a very, very good first day. So, procedures...just kind of went through that stuff, and went around and made sure the teachers were okay, made sure everything went well...but yes, some very good reports so far," says Alan Laugh, Jefferson Elementary Principal.

"What I always look forward the most is having students back. I find that I like the enthusiasm from students, the excitement about learning, the desire to do the best they can. We're pretty fortunate here in this community, at all the high schools, that's what we see," says Chuck Crookshanks, Assistant Principal at Parkersburg South.

Washington County schools are back in session later this week.

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