Wood-Washington-Wirt Interstate Planning Commission Discusses Future Projects

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Wood, Wirt and Washington Counties joined ODOT, the West Virginia Department of Highways, mayors and engineers on a collective goal: developing roads, bridges and the airport plan.

Belpre Mayor Mike Lorentz says if there are major improvements on roads and bridges it puts the whole area on alert.

They have the final report on the Nelsonville Bypass and continue to work on the feasibility of a bike path from Athens through Belpre and Marietta to Belpre.

"It's hard to just pinpoint one project when they're all gonna be at the same time," he says. "In the city now we'll be doing some patching and sidewalk repairs, curb repairs, that type thing...drainage issues. "Of course we've got gas lines coming through, so that's gonna be some holdups in town; it's just a busy time of year."

The mayor says in Belpre the most important thing they're focusing on is grinding, reseeding and paving Washington Boulevard and Main Street.

But it'll be two or three years out before that happens because of the cost.

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