Wood County Cleans Up

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UPDATE 4/25/2011
Wood County residents were out in full force this weekend doing some spring cleaning but if you didn't get a chance to go organizers have some tips to help.

Dupont Washington Works and the Wood County Solid Waste Authority hosted it's county-wide spring clean up for residents to drop off house hold items.

Director of the authority, John Reed, says he doesn't have the exact numbers of what was collected but more electronics and less tires and paint were dropped off compared to last year.

If you missed the event and are a Wood County resident, Reed says you can leave out up to eight tires a year and bulky goods-such as furnitures and appliances-for your trash pickup service.

These companies in West Virginia will pick up electronics too but due to a recent regulation they're required to recycle these items and not take them to a landfill.

Also for paint, Reed says you can throw it out as long as it's solidified. To dry it out he recommends putting sand or kitty litter in the paint can to dry it out.

Meantime the Ohio River Sweep is coming up in June. Reed said volunteers are needed to help clean the river's banks. If you're interested call the office at 304-424-1873.


You can probably tell by all the rain showers-- spring is officially here and for Wood County residents that means it's time to clean.

Friday morning, Du Pont Washington Works and the Wood County Solid Waste Authority hosted the day one of the Wood County Spring Clean Up. Residents were encouraged to drop off house hold items like furniture, tires, and electronics like televisions and computer screens.

Organizers say disposing of electronics can cause environmental hazards.

"Most of the computer components that you do use have heavy metals. They have copper, and other items that can be a hazardous waste to the environment if they are released," says Washington Works organizer, Bill Boyle. "It is imperative that you go back and put them back through the proper waste disposal process which we are doing today through the process here."

The clean up is only open to Wood County residents and will also be going on Saturday.