Wood County Rotary Hosts WV State Auditor

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The Wood County Rotary Club plays host to the West Virginia State Auditor and gets a glimpse into the financial standing of the mountain state.

From medicare to Marcellus shale, State Auditor Glen B. Gainer III gave a mini state of the state address and an update on what's happening in Charleston.

Gainer is getting out in the community to reassure the public that legislators in Charleston are working diligently for the citizens of West Virginia.

He says it's important to make the public aware of where their money is being spent.

overall, he is happy with the financial standing and the potential growth on the horizon here in the mountain state.

"State government is running very responsible right now. We are paying our debts, meeting our demands, dealing with all the major issues facing us and we are also lowering taxes. So, it's a good story to be told right now. We are really pleased with the direction government is headed right now," says Gainer.

The Auditor closed the meeting saying our emphasis right now should be on updating and maintaining our roadways; and tackling medicare and medicaid issues.

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