Work Continues on Williamstown's Sports Facilities

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The Williamstown Yellow Jackets made some big plays with renovations to its sports facilities in the last several years.

Now with a new locker room, weight room and more, the school looks to the next step.

Williamstown has been using the facility for about a year now.

It is not completely finished yet.

Work still needs to be done and there are plans for more expansion.

Assistant Prinicipal Jeff Givens and the head football coach say the new building is wonderful and provides many more opportunites for the whole school.

Givens says the building has much more space than before and everybody loves it, with a new locker room, weight room, coaches offices and more.

The old building - which is right next door now - houses the visiting team and other Yellow Jacket sports teams for practice during the week.

The old building is also in the process of being cleaned and made into a new concession stand.

Givens says the project did have it's hiccups - including fixing the bleachers and raising money in the tough economy; however, the whole community came together with money and manual labor to make this a success.

Givens says in the future they plan to make this game field a practice field and fix the track to an eight lane and a turf field in the middle.

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