Working on Christmas

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It's a holiday that everyone wants to take off from work.

But some weren't so lucky as they headed to their jobs on this Christmas day.

Just ask Belpre Police Department Dispatcher, Linda Nichols.

"Well naturally, we all rather be with our families but you know being here working, makes it possible for us to give them a good Christmas. We'll have Christmas with them when we get home."

Most families that do have a person working on Christmas understand their job is priority one.

"Most families understand that our job is vary from day to day what we have to do. You never know what's going to happen from one minute to the next," says Jeremiah McConnell of the Washington County Deputy Sheriff.

Even though, some want to be home for Christmas, others feel like they're already there.

Brittany Copen is a Gas Attendant at the Par-Mar Store in Vienna.
She enjoys working on the holidays.

"We have a volunteer sheet where we could sign up for what holidays you want to work on and I usually open on holidays and I don't mind. This is my second family, I've been here for three years. so, I'm spending Christmas with my Par-mar family."

And for Nichols, this is the first time in several years she had to sacrifice Christmas with her family for serving the community.

"It's kind of hard being away from home you know. Especially having little kids, I got three myself. I much rather be home with them, so it's kind of hard to be here but, this is the kind of work, come along the work that somebody has to be here on job 24/7."

Workers say their families do understand why they have to go to work during the holiday season.

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